Strategic Plan

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DVDs to Order

Saturviit has produced 2 DVDs that are prevention tools to be used in the context of a prevention or healing activity. One DVD addresses family violence and the other addresses alcoholism.

Both DVDs contain testimonies of Inuit women about their own experiences, healing journeys, and advice that provide hope and inspiration to other women to see that peace and well-being can be restored in our communities.


Saturviit has produced several reports resulting from events we have hosted and research we have conducted. They provide in-depth examinations into issues that affect Inuit women and their families, as well as recommendations and resources on specific issues such as justice.

These publications present the needs and perspectives of Inuit women who are often affected by injustice, discrimination, and violence in particular ways that need to be better understood and have responses that are culturally-relevant that lead to the well-being of the whole family.


Read Saturviit’s Annual Reports to find out more about our activities, involvement, and events that we have hosted over the years.

Contact Us

Saturviit Inuit Women’s
Association of Nunavik

C/O KRG Regional &
Local Development Department
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Tel 1.866.944.5003