Treasuring our Lives


DVD “Inuusittini illirusunniq. Treasuring our Lives” 2017

DVD “Inuusittini illirusunniq. Treasuring our Lives” 2017

To address the issue of alcoholism, Saturviit produced a DVD presenting testimonies by Nunavik women on alcoholism. In this video, they tell how alcohol entered their lives, how it impacted their personal and family lives, and how they tried saying no to alcohol and succeeded. Seven women from Puvirnituq, Ivujivik, and Kangirsuk gathered in February 2017 to share what they have lived through. Our ultimate goal was to provide Nunavik women with a means to talk with other Nunavik women, instead of using means that are made outside the region in a different cultural context.

This DVD is meant to be a tool for prevention of alcohol abuse in Inuit communities and for intervention with those who need help.

Any person or organization interested in organizing a prevention or healing activity on alcoholism may contact Saturviit and ask for a copy of the video. The video comes with an information booklet explaining what is alcoholism and what resources are available.

Bilingual (inuktitut and english) PDF – 1.7MB

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