Saturviit's Family Violence Manifesto


Saturviit’s Family Violence Manifesto

From August 1 to 4 2005, one representative from each Nunavik community met at a camp near Puvirnituq to discuss violence in their communities. These women adopted the present manifesto.

Stop Violence

For too long now we have been witnessing the rise of violence and its impact on us, our children, and our society in general.

We can no longer watch from the sidelines as violent acts continue to permeate our society. We wish to break the walls of silence surrounding violence!

The future of Nunavik lies with our children. We wish to assert the right for our children to grow in peace and security, and only in this way will the cycle of violence be put to an end.

We, Inuit women of Nunavik, demand that violence directed against women and children must stop. Child sexual abuse is absolutely intolerable and must end. All types of violence, whether physical or psychological, against women and children must cease to occur.

If we continue to not act against violence, we and our children will continue to bear the scars, for inaction perpetuates the cycle of violence.

When a violent perpetrator is being forgiven, the forgiveness must not translate into immunity for abusers.

Authorities must act against violence and end the impunity.

The women of Nunavik demand social justice for their communities.

Our organizations – Nunavik local and regional authorities as well as the Federal and Provincial governments – must deal with the epidemic of violence.

All Nunavimmiut are invited to reflect on this manifesto, adopt it and act against the violence that affects our communities, so that our hearts, our souls and our lives may focus on creating a better life for all Nunavimmiut.

Adopt this manifesto, post it, share it!

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