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Our Mandate and Mission


Saturviit is the Inuit women’s association of Nunavik and is a non-profit organization representing all Inuit women aged 16 and over. Its mandate is to give voice to Inuit women of Nunavik. Saturviit’s missions are:

  • to support community projects that benefit women
  • to develop activities to counter violence against women and children and improve their well-being
  • to provide tools to help the women to fulfill themselves in the political, economical or in their social life
  • to advocate for women and children in Nunavik
  • to represent Inuit women of Nunavik in the national, provincial and regional meetings.


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Saturviit Inuit Women’s
Association of Nunavik

C/O KRG Regional &
Local Development Department
P.O. Box 9, Kuujjuaq, Qc  J0M 1C0

Tel 1.866.944.5003