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In 2016, in the wake of the pan-Canadian movement to conduct a National Inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls, Saturviit initiated a regional project to document the specific situation of Missing or Murdered Nunavimmiut (MMN), to give a voice to families of victims and to put forward their needs.

A 5-day gathering of victims’ families was organized in the Inukjuak campsite in April 2016. 18 family members and 9 regional representatives participated.

Following this, nine telephone interviews were conducted with police officers, justice coordinator, social workers and other professionals to learn more about the issue in Nunavik. The report and summary of The Inquiry into Missing or Murdered Nunavimmiut were published in 2017.

In fall 2017, Saturviit organized a roundtable on justice in Kuujjuaq to present its report on MMN to regional representatives and to providers of justice-related services. During that session, after discussions about the justice system and justice-related services, participants were invited to suggest concrete actions that would meet the concerns and needs of crime victims and their families.

Saturviit now promotes this Justice Action Plan in Nunavik municipalities, the Nunavik regional organizations and the Quebec and Canadian governments. Everyone, at every level, must contribute to make these actions happen.

A new 2018 publication by Saturviit, Justice in Nunavik Communities, also responds to the need to provide tools and resources for Inuit women to be better informed about the justice system and social harmony for Inuit communities.