Our Issues

Our Issues

Our Issues

Women's Wellbeing

Supporting the well-being of Nunavik women is Saturviit’s primary objective. Through activities offered directly to women and by representing women’s voices in different working groups, Saturviit addresses a wide range of issues including violence, food security, tuberculosis, smoking cessation, addictions and mental health issues, urban living, healthy relationships, and healing.


Saturviit has worked on several projects that address family violence, under a larger project called Satulauqta! Regain our well-being!

Families and Children

Saturviit believes that Inuit women are the heart of their families and communities. Several initiatives have been started to address children’s rights such as drafting a charter of rights for Inuit children and developing a strategy for a Nunavik child advocacy and family resources program. These approaches recognize the importance of having culturally appropriate resources and policies in place.


Justice for women and families of Nunavik has become a central concern for Saturviit. Since the launch of Canada’s National Inquiry into Murdered and Missing Indigenous Women and Girls, Saturviit has initiated several events, actions and tools that address Nunavik-specific issues related to justice, violence, and murdered and missing Nunavimmiut.

Politics and Economics

The political and economic well-being of the whole community benefits from having women’s voices in the discussion. Saturviit approaches this through consultation processes, and by offering recommendations on issues such as women working in the mining sector and offering a women’s voice regarding the Parnasimautik process.