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Conferences for Women

Conferences for Women

Every two years, Saturviit hosts Arnaliat Nipingit – our Women’s Conference – in Nunavik. These gatherings bring women across Nunavik’s 14 communities together to give them a voice and a chance to share and discuss issues that concern them most. Saturviit is of the opinion that it is urgent for all Inuit women, young and old, to have a forum to share their suffering as much as their hope, and to learn from others’ experiences and knowledge. Issues discussed and invited speakers address a range of sensitive and important topics such as addictions, sexual abuse and domestic violence, child neglect, parenting, traditional practices, employment, and so on. Activities also include celebrations with music, a fashion show, and a community feast.

March 4-7, 2019

Kuujjuaraapik, Quebec

Arnaliat Nipingit Women’s Conference in 2019

Presentations and workshops on the protection of our youth, parenting, financial wellbeing and the effects of trauma and mental health.

Autumn 2018

Montreal, Quebec

Women’s Forum in Montreal

Saturviit will be hosting a 2-day meeting in Montreal for urban Inuit women of Nunavik.

March 2017

Kangirsuk, Quebec

Arnaliat Nipingit – Women’s Conference – Kangirsuk 2017

Saturviit women’s conference was held in Kangirsuk on March 27-31 2017. Fifty four persons attended the meeting, including 4 of Saturviit’s directors, 3 staff members, 8 speakers, 30 women subsidized by Saturviit, and many invitees. They came from all Nunavik communities and from the South. The event included three days of sessions. Carmen Rock and Myriam Labbé, two Innu women from Uashat mak Mani-Utenam, came to talk about the housing situation in their community. Aileen McKinnon presented the Saqijuq project to the participants. Louisa Kulula, an elder from Quaqtaq, and Leah Kudluk, an elder from Kangirsuk, facilitated a workshop on parenting. Lizzie Aloupa, from KRPF, held a session on family violence. Ellasie Annanack organized a session on family houses along with other board members of the Qarmaapik Family House in Kangiqsualujjuaq. Saturviit presented its activity report during the event.

The whole conference was broadcast live on the regional radio. A feast to celebrate Saturviit’s 10th anniversary was offered at the end of the conference and honour was given to Lolly Annahatak for her inspirational work and commitment. During the conference, two resolutions were passed toward the need to have shelters for women in Nunavik and concerning the serious housing issues in the region. Funding for this event was received from the Ungaluk Program, KRG Economic development department, the NRBHSS, the research project Habiter le Nord québécois, AANDC, and SAA.

March 2015

Akulivik, Quebec

Arnaliat Nipingit – Women’s Conference – Akulivik 2015

In March 2015, Akulivik proudly welcomed 60 participants to participate in Saturviit’s second biennial women’s conference. 53 Inuit women came from the 14 Nunavik communities and Montreal, including 27 adults, 11 elders and 15 youth.

This successful event was an occasion for Inuit women to learn about important social issues that touched them daily, such as FASD (Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder) and parental difficulties, as well as to make their own experiences, questions and concerns heard by other women. For this reason, the conference dealt with a number of sensitive topics and touching disclosures: child neglect, alcoholism, sexual abuse and domestic violence, among other things. Saturviit is of the opinion that it is urgent for all Inuit women, young and old, to have a tribunal to share their suffering as much as their hope, and to learn from others’ experiences and knowledge. The dialogue shared during the conference will contribute to helping individual Inuit and Inuit women as a group to move towards solutions to significant social problems.

During three days of presentations and dynamic discussions, thirteen speakers, most of who were Nunavik women, raised both crucial and awkward social issues afflicting Nunavik nowadays. Saturviit invited five special guests who shared their positive life experiences as leaders and models. Their presentations were particularly inspiring to the younger generation and promoted optimism throughout the gathering.


April 2013

Quaqtaq, Quebec

Arnaliat Nipingit – Women’s Conference – Quaqtaq 2013

A gathering for women and girls was held in Quaqtaq from April 23rd to 25th 2013. We are very proud to say it was a success. Women of all ages from different communities got together and discussed many issues that we as Inuit encounter in our daily lives. Our special guests included Maggie Emudluk for Parnasimautik, Michael Gordon on Mining in Nunavik, Lisa Koperqualuk and Annie Nulukie on Child Advocacy and the Declaration of Rights of Inuit Children, Lizzie Aloupa on ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ and we also had special guest elders Susie Aloupa and Louisa Kulula of Quaqtaq and Lizzie Niviaxie of Kuujjuaraapik.

Our Board member Minnie Etidloie also shared her knowledge as one of our Elders. These Elders shared their different views on such themes as Qanuingngisiarnik, Ilagiinniq and Inuutsiarasuarnik.