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Community Projects

Community Projects

Since 2011, Saturviit has made available up to $3,000 for each Nunavik community, including Inuit communities in southern Quebec, for actions that make women’s lives better. Projects can be for activities that raise awareness, that promote equality between men and women, that encourage healthy life styles, or other positive actions.

Nunavik women and girls have initiated and participated in many workshops that have been supported by Saturviit. Activities have promoted intergenerational activities such as sewing workshops to learn beading and making sealskins kamiiks, and youth camps and exchanges that support discussions about bullying, suicide prevention, and building healthy relationships.

Saturviit encourages women to develop new projects, events, and workshops that support the wellbeing of women, girls, and communities.

Funding for Community Projects

To apply to the Community projects funding program, complete the application by either filling out the online form, or download the PDF and send it by mail to: Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik, C/O KRG Regional & Local Development Department, P.O. Box 9, Kuujjuaq, Qc J0M 1C0 or email it to

An activity report will be expected at the end of the project.

Inukjuak Soup Kitchen Project

With funding from Human Resources and Skills Development Canada’s Community Innovations Program, channelled through Makivik and KRG’s socio-economic development programs, Saturviit administered $118,500 over 3 years to support the Inukjuak Community Kitchen.

Community Projects Supported


Other community projects supported by Saturviit

School and Women’s Groups

School and women’s group in every community were invited to plan events around International Children’s Day, Nov. 20 2013. Ten communities participated.

Inukjuak Youth and Elders

In Inukjuak, a group of mothers organized a program for youth to spend time with elders, hearing their stories and advice about family, respect, lifestyle choices, views on bullying, sharing, parenting, and other topics. The activity was held in Feb. 2013.

Quaqtaq Traditional Sewing Lessons

In Quaqtaq, Uuivvamiut Cultural Committee organized traditional sewing lessons for young mothers: making parkas, beading and kamiik-making, from Feb. 11 to March 4, 2013.

Kangiqsualujjuaq Sewing Workshops

The municipality of Kangiqsualujjuaq held sewing workshops in fall 2014 where women could learn how to sew traditional sealskin kamiik. Local elders animated the workshop and transmitted their knowledge to younger women.

Kuujjuaq Sewing Workshops

The municipality of Kuujjuaq organized between March and September 2014 several sewing workshops where women could learn certain traditional techniques (embroidery and especially beading) from their elders. The funding was used to pay the activity leaders and buy sewing materials.

Akulivik Boat Outings

The municipality of Akulivik organized boat outings with single mothers and their children in late August 2014. They went fishing and berry picking on adjacent islands while passing on these crucial skills and fun activities to their children. The funding was used to rent a canoe and buy gas.