Our Actions


Our Actions

Our Actions

Conferences for Women

Saturviit hosts conferences for Inuit women, including our biennial Women’s Conference – Arnaliat Nipingit – in Nunavik. Saturviit is of the opinion that it is urgent for all Inuit women, young and old, to have a forum to share their suffering as much as their hope, and to learn from others’ experiences and knowledge. The dialogue shared helps individual Inuit and Inuit women move as a group towards solutions to significant social problems.

The next Arnaliat Nipingit will be hosted in 2019.

Workshops for Women

Over the last 10 years, Saturviit has offered a variety of workshops in Nunavik communities that are offered by and for Inuit women. The workshops are designed to support women in building skills, knowledge, leadership, and enhance women’s overall wellbeing. They have included topics such as leadership training workshops, women in business, and governance training.

Stay tuned for our next workshops in 2019!

Community Projects

Since 2011, Saturviit has made available up to $3,000 for each Nunavik community, including Inuit communities in southern Quebec, for actions that make women’s lives better. Projects can be for activities that raise awareness, that promote equality between men and women, that encourage healthy life styles, or other positive actions.