Arnaliat nipingit – Women’s conference – Quaqtaq 2013


A gathering for women and girls, was held in Quaqtaq, April 23 to 25 2013. We are very proud to say it was a success. Women of all ages from different communities got together and discussed many issues that we as Inuit encounter in our daily lives. Our special guests included Maggie Emudluk for Parnasimautik, Michael Gordon on Mining in Nunavik, Lisa Koperqualuk and Annie Nulukie on Child Advocacy and the Declaration of Rights of Inuit Children, Lizzie Aloupa on ‘Good Touch, Bad Touch’ and we also had special guest elders Susie Aloupa and Louisa Kulula of Quaqtaq and Lizzie Niviaxie of Kuujjuaraapik. Our Board member Minnie Etidloie also shared her knowledge as one of our elders. These elders shared their different views on such themes as Qanuingngisiarnik, Ilagiinniq and Inuutsiarasuarnik.

Thank you for making the Women’s Conference 2013 a success!