Board of Directors and Staff

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Board of Directors and Staff

The board of Saturviit is composed of 8 members. They represent women living in the three main regions of Nunavik (Hudson, Ungava and Hudson Strait) and Inuit women living in Montreal.

President                        Sarah Aloupa (Quaqtaq)               Hudson Strait

Vice-President              Annie Arnatuk (Quaqtaq)              Hudson Strait

2nd Vice-President      Winifred Nungak (Kangirsuk)      Ungava

Treasurer                        Alexa Keleutak (Montreal)              South

Secretary                        Trina Qumaluk (Puvirnituq)           Hudson Coast

Member                          Anna Ohaituk (Inukjuak)                Hudson Coast

Member                          Annie Nulukie (Kuujjuaq)               Ungava

Member                          Eva Saunders (Montreal)                 South

Biographies of Board Members

Sarah Aloupa – President

Annie Arnatuk – Vice-President

Annie Arnatuk has been a board member of Saturviit since 2010. She represents the region of Hudson Strait. Annie is married and has 8 children. She has worked as a social worker and as an assistant for psychosocial services in Quaqtaq for 10 years. In 2010, she attended the training Femmes et Démocratie organized by Saturviit. In May 2015, Cégep Marie-Victorin recognized that she successfully completed 164 hours of professional training in social work intervention in first line services.

Winifred Nungak – 2nd Vice-President

Winifred is from Kangirsuk and she was elected in 2014 to represent the Ungava Bay area. She works as a self-employed seamstress with her own design Winifred Designs. She studied fashion design at LaSalle College.

Trina Qumaluk – Secretary

Alexa Keleutak – Treasurer

Anna Ohaituk – Board member

Annie Nulukie – Board Member

Eva Saunders – Board Member

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