DVD “Breaking the Silence”

DVD “Nipaittuugumairtut. Breaking the Silence”, 2015.

BreakingSilence_DVD-CoverThis video is a prevention tool on family violence presenting the testimonies of four Inuit women from Nunavik (Arctic Quebec) who share their experiences and reflections on family violence. Having themselves suffered from or witnessed violence, they wish to break the silence. They want to provide other women with advice and hope in order to restore peace to their communities. This video can be used as a tool to prevent family violence in Inuit communities and elsewhere.


It is part of a broader project called Satulauqta! (Regain our well-being!) which has been developed by Saturviit and funded by Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada under its Family Violence Prevention Program.

Any person or organization interested in organizing a prevention or healing activity on family violence may contact Saturviit and ask for a copy of the video. The video comes with an information booklet explaining what is abuse and what resources are available.

BreakingSilence_DVD Cover4



Saturviit is one of 3 Nunavik representatives on the advisory committee for a national project of Pauktuutit Inuit Women of Canada, which is designed to engage Inuit men and boys in eliminating violence. Three components of the project are near completion: a gender-based analysis aimed at understanding issues leading to violence in Canadian Inuit communities; a survey of attitudes and behaviours about violence amongst Inuit across Canada; and a toolkit which provides information and resources for men to help men heal, thereby reducing violence. The project is expected to complete its work in March, publish results, and have the toolkit ready for distribution by summer.