Board members

Saturviit’s board is composed of 7 members representing women living in the three main regions of Nunavik and Inuit women living in Montreal.

President                  Annie Arnatuk (Quaqtaq)              Hudson Strait

Vice-President          Mary Thomassie (Kangirsuk)         Ungava

Treasurer                 Annie Baron (Quebec City)              South

Secretary                  Niali Aliqu (Akulivik)                        Hudson Coast

Member                   Jeannie Palliser (Inukjuak)               Hudson Coast

Member                   Winifred Nungak (Kangirsuk)           Ungava

Member                   Sarah Aloupa (Quaqtaq)                 Hudson Strait



From left to right: Annie Alaku, Winifred Nungak, Niali Aliqu, Annie Arnatuk, Jeannie Palliser, Mary Thomassie. Annie Baron is missing on this picture.


Biographies of board members


Annie Arnatuk – President

Annie Arnatuk is a board member of Saturviit since 2010 and represents the region of the Hudson Strait. She was elected as the new president in 2014. Annie is married and has 8 children. She has worked as a social worker assistant for psychosocial services in Quaqtaq for 10 years. In 2010, she attended the training Femmes et Démocratie organized by Saturviit about women governance. In May 2015, the Cégep Marie-Victorin recognized that she successfully cumulated 164 hours of professional training in social work intervention in first line services.


Mary Thomassie – Vice-President

Mary Thomassie is from Kangirsuk and was elected on Saturviit’s board in 2014 to represent the area of the Ungava Bay. She was born in 1951 in Kangirsuk and is a residential school survivor. She works for more than10 years as a counselor at the Makitautik Halfway House and she is a member of the local justice committee. She attended the closing ceremony of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission in Ottawa, in June 2015.


Niali Aliqu – Secretary

Niali Aliqu, from Akulivik, is the secretary of Saturviit since 2014 and represents the Hudson Bay area. She was a local employment officer for the Kativik Regional Government for many years, and then worked as an assistant secretary-treasurer at the Northern Village of Akulivik. She has several certificates in counseling, and a diploma from the Centre director of the Childcare centre.


Annie Baron – Treasurer

Annie Baron is from Kangiqsualujjuaq and is now living in Quebec City. As a board member of Saturviit since 2015, she represents the women living in the South of the province. She is the mother of 5 and the grandmother of two. Annie studied at Kativik School Board as teacher and student counsellor. She is a former director for Parc National Kuururjuaq. She worked as personal credit liaison agent for Makivik Corporation and is now an interpreter for Nunavik Regional Board of Health and Social Services. She joined Saturviit in hopes to help Inuit women and children living in southern Quebec.


Jeannie Palliser – Board member

Jeannie Palliser was elected on the Saturviit’s board in 2014 to represent the Ungava Bay. She was born in Moose Factory, Ontario, and lives in Inukjuak with her children and grandchildren. She had been a teacher for 15 years, and is now a special education teacher for 4 years. She studied teaching training program at Kativik School Board and almost completed her bachelor degree.


Winifred Nungak – Board member

Winifred was elected in 2014 to represent the Ungava Bay area. She is from Kangirsuk and works as a self-employed seamstress. She studied in fashion design at LaSalle College. She recently became the mother of a beautiful little boy.