Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik

Art Contest! Winner will receive $500 & artwork will be published!

Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik is looking for artists of Nunavik Beneficiaries to submit artwork for our Booklet on Justice that will be printed this March and distributed across Nunavik communities. The artwork will be displayed on the cover page and used to complement the contents of the booklet.

What we are looking for in the artwork.

This spring of 2018, Saturviit is releasing its new document, a booklet called “Maintaining social harmony. Information on Justice in the Nunavik communities”. The contents in this booklet is information on Inuit perspective on Justice, policing in Nunavik, being a victim of a crime, resources for victims, criminal legal proceedings, the Youth Protection Act, local justice committees, and more.

The traditional Inuit justice system was about maintaining social harmony. Elders would gather together to help a couple with issues, or leaders would meet with a person uttering threats or causing fear to help him by changing his focus into something more positive. They would follow the traditional conflict resolution methods, for instance, with in-­‐person discussions about their issues with each other, helping each other when in need.

These are only a few examples, although there are so much more Inuit have used to resolve conflict in the communities.

With the above information in mind, we would like the artwork to compliment the Inuit traditional justice system. It is an unlimited choice of the artist to use any symbol, scene and patterns, either traditional or modern.

Themes and eligibility.

Social harmony, justice, peace, support of victims, Inuit working together, families helping each other, a community coming together are examples of what we are looking for, and/or anything that has a connection in any way to Justice.

Anyone who is a JBNQA beneficiary is eligible, living in Nunavik and southern Quebec.

Acceptable forms

We are looking for drawings, painted or digital art. The final piece should be submitted digitally (high resolution scan). Do not include your name on the artwork.


The Saturviit will choose the artwork without knowing who the artist is. The artist selected by the Saturviit Board of directors will win a prize of $500.

Where to send your piece.

E-­mail your artwork (digital, scanned or clear photo) and contact information to Don’t forget to include your full name, phone number and mailing address.

If you are having technical issues, please contact us by calling 1‐866­‐944­‐5003 and ask for Jeannie Nayoumealuk. The deadline to submit your artwork is by Tuesday February 27th 2018 by midnight.