About Us

In the summer of 2006, the Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik was re-born.

The voice of Inuit women of Nunavik had been silent for a number of years. During the summer of 2005, women from each of Nunavik’s 14 communities, and Inuit women from the south, met at Qilalugaq Camp near Puvirnituq to discuss issues they felt are important to their communities: issues about parenting, child abuse, suicide, education, language, healing, and violence.

Recommendations coming out of the Qilalugaq gathering were voiced as priorities for women of Nunavik, including: the need for a child advocacy centre, where Nunavik children’s rights would be promoted; and issues around parenting, youth protection, and child abuse would be addressed. Nineteen recommendations were published after the Qilalugaq gathering of women. A manifesto was written, urging individuals and communities to take action to stop the violence that is pervading Nunavik society.

By the summer of 2006, the new Saturviit Inuit Women’s Association of Nunavik was formally created. Saturviit, meaning those that provide hope, has become the voice for women of Nunavik.

Since then Saturviit representatives have sat at national, provincial, and regional meetings, attended conferences, advocated for Inuit women and their families, and supported Nunavik women by funding community initiatives.

Saturviit is led by a Board of Directors representing all Nunavik communities: two directors each from Hudson Coast, Hudson Strait, and Ungava Coast; one from urban communities in the south.